Selam all! This will be the page of a Turkish born Dutch cat-lady living in Ethiopia speaking Chinese. I’ll be posting comics about my adventurous #ferenjlife here in Ethiopia and share my portfolio as well.

About EFU(topia)

Selam! Welcome to EFUtopia. Let me introduce myself, my full name is Ebru F. Ucan (in short: EFU), a Turkish born Dutch cat lady who loves art, pole dancing, languages and good food!

Born in 1989 in a small village in the Netherlands where drawing became a part of my life as soon as I could properly hold a pencil. Lived in Istanbul for 5 years to learn about my parents’ roots but quickly decided my inner-Dutch girl was yearning for more freedom and creativity.

So, (to not waste my Chinese language studies) I moved to Beijing and have been living there until 2016 where I met the Ethiopian love of my life. Since he had to return to his country I decided to go with him and am now happily living in Addis Ababa where there are 13 months of sunshine.

EFUtopia (EFU in Ethiopia) will be a place where I share struggles and highlights of my new life in the form of vlogs and comics.​ A big part of EFUtopia will be my comic series named #Ferenjlife.

Love, Efu


I’ve always enjoyed drawing since I was three years old. Experimented a lot (and still am!) but mainly find myself drawing manga-style or portraits of African people.​

Why I especially love painting portraits of African people is the variety of their skincolour. There are so many tones and I just am obsessed with doodling curls too. I started drawing digital portraits since the beginning of 2016 as I got inspired by my Ethiopian boyfriend and his family.​

Unfortunately I never had the opportunity to have real art-classes therefore everything you may find here is self thought.​

The tools I use are ProCreate on my iPad and a small collection of traditional drawing tools like a couple of fabercastle polychromos pencils and copic markers.​

You can find my digital and traditional art portfolio on this website but if you like to stay updated with all my other projects and sketches please follow my instagram @efu.art or visit my deviantart @efu


Perhaps it is because I was raised bilingual (Turkish parents in The Netherlands) but I always enjoyed learning new languages, discovering other cultures.

In my opinion, the best way to learn about someone’s culture is through their language. I love how a few simple words in another language can connect you with many different kinds of people.

The urge of learning was already there when I was still trying to think of names in Swahili for my ‘ The Lionking Fanart characters’ which I created back in 2002.

In 2010 I successfully graduated my studies in Oriental Languages & Communications with Mandarin Chinese as my major. I’ve also followed several Japanese courses as a hobby and eventually studied Amharic at an University in China in order to prepare for my new life in Ethiopia.

In my spare time I accept interpreting / translating jobs for projects in Turkish, English, Dutch or Mandarin Chinese.

Contact EFU

Would you like to know more about one of my services (art, translation or interpreting services etc.) or have ideas which you would like to share? Please get in touch via:

(c) Ebru F. Ucan 2020

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